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Spanked over mums knee

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How many mothers were they were child do spank your own. One day she decided she'd had enough of her teenage son's behaviour. Desi hot nude boobs. Children by and large are little bastards i included. Spanked over mums knee. It would of been funny if I wasn't too afraid to laugh.

I think it scared me more than hurt me. Still have a question? You have captured one of the best moments of a spanking, the intimacy and the closeness as well as the necessary punishment. She knew she had to straighten him out now or he could be in trouble before very long. He pleaded with her, "Mom, I'm sorry for not doing what you told me. He refused to tidy his room and he would go out and not return home until very late.

Allison did not waste any time. What is the worst spanking you have ever gotten? Two, they are very devout christians and tolerate absolutely no swearing. X plicit adult club. Men need a bit of mothering now and then, and part of mothering is discipline…. However once the rage ended. Especially not to us. Goodness knows what might have happened had she not heard them. Owen Back Over the Knee I could never escape it since there was only so much i could run around in the house we lived in, since it was a smaller 2 bedroom house.

She had always spanked him on the bare bottom because she believed this worked a lot better. Momma Dana is very upset when her daughter is brought home from school, by her teacher Miss Gregory.

Can I please see the pic Claire. When should I stop spanking my children? Just because Delta dresses "young and hip" doesn't means she deserves to be treated like this. And like you said…I deserved every bit of it each time. The fourteen year old boy remained defiant. Posted on Friday, August 14th, at 2: Thank you for sharing it.

Get best pictures now. Penny mathis big tits. The spoon sucks but the ruler was always worse. This all happened in my younger years from about the age of 4 to 10 My parents stopped doing it when my older brother hit my mother back, my parents took no notice of my brother hitting them back until I followed my brother's example and started hitting her back too: My parents also had really weird threats too. Like i once rudely back answered mom despite her warning me several times to behave.

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How many mothers were they were child do spank your own. I take you mean you are an ex-college professor. Big but sex pics. Although, as I recall, her uncle lived some distance away from her home, he had raised a daughter.

What did you Mom say afterwards? Plenty of time outs, compared to being struck. I stand behind my original assertion, spanking means a series of slaps on the buttocks and punishment is not always involved even though that is the most common motivation. We attended several Sunday punishments over the next several years, but since we were married, her father expected me to handle her discipline. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Leave a comment Posted by Kalika Gold: That may mean approaching her mom, hairbrush in hand, and tell her the truth.

When my sister wouldn't stop peeing on the floor out of laziness, of course they threatened to rub her face in it. Not her own mommy! I too am pleased and fascinated by the continued following of an entry which is almost four years old.

Jilly was sobbing and crying as Jenny pulled down her panties, revealing a rosy red bottom.

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At nineteen you are an adult and spanking is totally inappropriate. Spanked over mums knee. You are going to apologize to Mrs Wilson and spend the whole day working for her at the church. Savannah jane milf. So guess whose ass got busted with broom that night.

That is an interesting cultural shift. I never went back home. I think you are right — people will always use their own judgement regardless of fashion and what comes around… I have always thought that there is a primeval need for certain things and all people seek is the permission from their community to indulge it.

She was given a total of 36 very hard hand smacks, alternating on each side of her bare bottom; two for each year of her age, the formula her mother had always used. This forum has become a joke. I was spanked, not hit. As far as the law is concerned, an adult struck another adult repeatedly in an area regarded as sexual in nature, no different than if a man were to slap a woman's ass in the street.

I never acted up again until my teenage years. None of us can hold back the tears. Video lesbian tumblr. But rarely would it be on the bare bottom. After I explained why, for a multitude of reasons, I did not believe my spanking her would be good for her, we explored the psychology and biology of spanking.

Each of these cartoons has it origins in one or more incidents in real life. When I was 19 am 26 now I was quite a precocious brat.

I read the latest posts by Retired Professor and DJ. Truth, on the other hand, gets to write its own script whether or not it seems possible to those lacking the benefit of firsthand experience. Sarah again tried to argue, but it had no effect, and very shortly her slippers and jeans were in a pile on the floor, and she was standing in front of her mother in her shirt, knickers and socks.

But none the less it hurt bad. If people wish to add to the post in comments in that same spirit then that is entirely up to them. Given the circumstances, taking the spanking was the more logical option. But how many parents would really be willing to treat their children as adult equals?

Thanks again for your extended comments. It arrives as a wall of unreadable text often without spaces, which I must edit.

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I live in the midwest in the US and I do know that certain parts of the US — including where I live — are very traditional and the use of corporal punishment is certainly not unheard of. Lesbians lingerie pics. I had three stepdaughters and each were subjected to canings. Spanked over mums knee. I was spanked when I was 18, even in public places when I misbehaved. Unless youw ere a girl of course. Julia ann nude photos India can be harsh and can be soft.

I know she needs to punish me and I do everything I can to hold still while the strap comes down hard on my bare bottom. We followed the same routine with a few changes. OHM and Wilma, Wilma sent in a really long comment that caused issues ie a solid block of unreadable text I may edit it and post a cleaned up version at some point — either here or by including it in a post.

Each blow of the slipper seemed to send a shock wave of excitement between my legs. Well, punishments happen for adult daughter here in India too.

Others have been made to walk naked in public. My dad was taking it a little bit easier on my sister.

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